This section is intended to help the surveys 

sites users to have an easy approach to these programs.

          1.   Surveys and GPT (Get Paid To) sites

     The first step to make money online would be to start joining surveys and GPT sites. When you signup, use your real information and the same email as for the payment processors because you will need to verify it. 

     On these pages, you get paid to: take surveys, watch videos, complete tasks and offers and some pages also offer a dailycheck cash bonus if you complete some of the above mentioned actions. Sometimes the survey sites will ask questions about your profile to make sure everything is correct. Also when you take the surveys provide real answers, this way you will get a good trait score and you will receive more and better paid surveys. For this you will receive cash or points you can redeem for giftcards from your favourite brands such Amazon for example.

     Most of these pages are adding more surveys and offers during the day, so enter the pages from time to time to check for new opportunities. Also there are sites such as: ySense, PrizeRebel or Swagbucks that have browser extensions that inform you when you have new surveys and tasks available so you don´t lose any of them.


           2.   Payment processors

     In order to receive the money you earn from your surveys and GPT sites you need to sign up and register your bank account and/or your card on the following payment processors. You must register the same email that you signup for the survey sites in order to get verified.

     PayPal is the most trusted and the most used payment processor on the web. This site is online since 1999, it operates in almost all the countries in the world and it is translated in most of the languages. Almost all the surveys sites have a payment option through this site, so is a must have processor.

     A lot of surveys sites also chose Amazon gift cards as an option to redeem you points and earnings. You can use these cards on everything you want on Amazon and they don´t expire. You can use it whenever you want and you don´t have to spent all the money at once.
     Joining Amazon is very easy, they work in a lot of countries and you can do it by clicking the banner below.

     Another great payment processor is Skrill that was launched in 2001, now part of the Paysafe group. Almost all survey sites include this option to  get paid, so I recommend you to create an account with them.


        3.   Referrals

       There are surveys and GPT websites that also pay you for your affiliates (referrals). ySense, PrizeRebel or RewardingWays to name a few. The referrals are people that join these websites through your link and the good news is that you´re going to earn money from them forever (as long as they are active) and for free. They can be your friends, family or people that found your link posted on internet. That´s why it is very important to use your Facebook, Twitter accounts to promote your links or to be an active member of surveys and GPT forums and blogs.
       There are also sites especialized in payble traffic exchange such as EasyHits4U and eBesucher. These pages pay a small amount of money for the traffic you make and in return they give you 1:1 ratio credits to advertise your own surveys links.
       Apart of all these pages you can use sites that are specialized on surfing such as, TrafficAdBar, Hungry4Hits or WebmasterQuest. These pages give you credits for every page you watch, credits you can use to advertise your own page or survey links. You an also get direct referrals for your surveys sites by placing your referral link on this trusted pages: Rotate4All, Anonymous Ads or AdHitz.


     I hope this page helped you with information on how to get started with these programs. If you need more help or you have any question regarding these websites, feel free to contact me. Good luck!