Top 5 Survey sites:  ySense TGMPanel - RewardingWays PrizeRebel - Swagbucks

    This site is one of oldest and most trusted GPT (Get Paid To) sites on the web and is online and paying since 2007. Here you can make money by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos and completing tasks. Note that in order to earn from the tasks you have to join the Appen platform by clicking any job within the page.

     When you signup please make sure you fill up accurate and real information about yourself because sometimes the survey sites will ask questions about your profile to make sure everything is correct. Also when you take the surveys provide real answers, this way you will get a good trait score and you will receive more and better paid surveys. 
     ySense also have an earning checklist and if you complete 2 offers or take 2 surveys or complete at least 10 tasks, you will earn a bonus cash everyday. They are adding a lot of surveys during the day, so take a look from time to time. You can also add the browser extension they created, this way you won´t lose any survey or task.

     You will be paid by payment processors such as: Paypal (starting at 10 dollars), Amazon gift card (starting at 10 dollars), Skrill (starting at 5 dollars) and more...

     The good thing is that this site allows you to bring referrals and you will earn up to 30% of what they are making (surveys, offers and tasks). The referrals are people that you invite to join this site through your links: by email, social networks (Facebook and Twitter) or a personal blog.

     If you have any doubt or question about this website, don´t hesitate to contact me. When you are ready you can join this great website by clicking the button below.